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About Us

about us

HyperHost is a passionate team of IT professionals that aims to apply the knowledge and experience gained through years of developing successful enterprise-level solutions from the corporate world into the small and medium business domains.

With years of experience operating in corporate and carrier-grade environments, we’re passionate about bringing innovation and cutting edge technology into the small and medium business realm. Because at HyperHost, you don’t need to be big in order to think big.

Our Philosophy

Our team of IT professionals has been fortunate enough to work in some of the largest and most complex IT environments imaginable, and over the years we’ve seen how cutting edge technology has opened new doors, changing the way people work, act, and even think. We’ve seen the IT industry rapidly mature and grow over more than a decade, becoming smarter, more capable, more powerful….and more affordable. These days when it comes to technology and how people work, its no longer a question of price, but expertise. Anything is possible, as long as you have a capable team of IT experts that can help you grow your vision.

But despite becoming more accessible than ever, many small to medium businesses are yet to leverage the power of the cloud or tap into the power of innovation. The cloud can offer businesses more freedom, greater agility and open up new choices, but most traditional methods of operation are still not optimised to take advantage of it. Likewise, the leaps and bounds in innovation that modern digital technology can offer are usually only invested in and discovered by mid-market and enterprise level companies, preventing the rest of the market from experiencing and enjoying those benefits, despite their delivery being entirely affordable. Our aim is to break that corporate monopoly on innovation and share it with the world, because enterprise capabilities no longer requires enterprise cost.


Why We Love What We Do

Technology Interests and Drives Us

We love all aspects of Technology, we live and breath it. Our engineers are always striving to improve themselves, we promote our employees to study and gain knowledge. We believe in individual growth and development and promote it.

People are the business

HyperHost exists because we understand that our people are the business, they are the life force that links us to our customers. We strive to succeed while including fun into the work we do, we understand that investment in our people benefits our customers.

HyperHost Custom

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  • Reliable Uptime and Service Delivery
  • Easy Hosting Management with Plesk Control Panel
  • Australian Servers for your Data Security


  • Secured Mailboxes to suit all Businesses
  • Migrate your Exchange or Private Email Server
  • Protect your Inboxes with Proper Backups